TUM hosts one of the most productive blockchain research groups in the world. We publish regularly in internationally leading scientific journals across a range of different disciplines, including economics, finance, management, entrepreneurship, computer science, engineering, mathematics, and law. Here, we make available all papers published or soon-to-be-published by TUM researchers for free. [Please reach out to the W3RL Managing Director [email protected] in case a new paper is missing.]

TUM FinTech Research Papers

TUM FinTech Research Papers provides an overview of state-of-the-art research results. Some of the papers are pre-peer-review. For this reason, we invite critical comments and hope to spur a constructive debate.

Cybercrime on the Ethereum Blockchain

We propose a taxonomy of cybercrime on the Ethereum blockchain and examine how cybercrime impacts victims’ risk-taking and returns. Our difference-in-differences analysis of a sample of victims and...

The Financial and Non-Financial Performance of Token-Based Crowdfunding: Certification Arbitrage, Investor Choice, and the Optimal Timing of ICOs

What role does the selection of an investor and the timing of financing play in initial coin offerings (ICOs)? We investigate the operating and financial performance of ventures conducting ICOs with...

Peer-reviewed publications

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