TUM Blockchain Salon

Information about the event

The TUM Blockchain Knowledge Exchange Meeting takes place in regular intervals and connects blockchain researchers at TUM at all different levels across disciplines. In each session, one of the participating research groups presents their work in more detail and encourages other groups for feedback. Also, we generally look for possible activities among the blockchain-interested research groups.


  • Exploring core technologies for security, scalability, and privacy in Blockchain systems
  • Discussing applications and solutions with requirements met by these core technologies, and to which extent these technologies provide value
  • Exchange on methods for assessment of P2P layer, smart-contract security, and cryptographic innovations
  • Bridge academia, industry, and students and introduce recent topics from various layers of the Blockchain stack and ecosystems

Topical Scope

  • Individual layers of Blockchain Protocols spanning hardware, peer-to-peer network, consensus, execution layers, applications, and ecosystems
  • Innovative scalability and privacy technologies, such as zero knowledge proofs
  • Design, verification, and implementation of smart contracts logic
  • Methods and tools for performance assessment
  • Overview of possible optimization solutions and their applicability to blockchain solutions
  • Applications and use-cases in Web3.0 and Blockchain Technologies and open challenges

Organization by the Technical University of Munich

  • Chair: Georg Carle
  • Organizing committee chairs: Kilian Glas, Filip Rezabek, and Richard von Seck
  • Organized in the context of the ACE-SUPPRA project


  • During the event we used this website for the program – link
  • Speakers’ bios – link


(subsequent times are CEST – Central European Summer Time, UTC+2)

Contact details of organizer:

Filip Rezabek, [email protected]

Location :

Institute of Advanced Studies at TUM Garching Campus.

Date : 9 November 2023 at 9.30 am


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